SELLING - Uniloc System Pin Sets (Pin & Brass Insert) in Lots of 5


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Price is $63.00 with Free US Shipping!

I am selling these Uniloc System pin sets (Pin & Brass Insert) in Lots of 5.

You will receive 5 Pins and 5 Brass Inserts.

These will be shipped in Bubble Envelopes by First Class Mail.

Please respond to this post with what you want and then private message me so I can send you Paypal info for payment.

My shipping clerk also asks that you PLEASE put your address and what you are purchasing in the note area of your Paypal. She says your AZ handle doesn't show up on Paypal. We don't want any mixups or confusion.



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Are these actual Uni-lock items, or knock-offs or better asked, are these ones you had made, that fit the Uni-lock threads? The reason I ask, the ones I have are actual Uni-lock pins and they look different than these.

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Please understand that I am not stepping on Lee's sale.
I happen to have a little information on these sets that for whatever reason has been left out.
The sets were made by Uni-Loc but as a proto-type for a production cue company.
That project was abandoned and the sets are no longer needed by that cue company.
Not only is the alignment barrel larger (why I'm not sure) but the install is different.
The insert sits flush with the shaft-face (not piloted as usual) and
the pin's threads sit ABOVE the handle's face. This is the reverse of traditional Uni-QR.
Please be advised that these components are not interchangeable with traditional Uni-QR.
Again, I'm not knocking anyone's sale but the potential buyer should be made fully aware of what's being offered.
I was offered the opportunity to market these sets but chose not to. As Kim would say: JABP.


Lee has asked that I clarify my orig. statements for those not familiar with this pin/insert.
The alignment barrel is 10.75mm (or .421"), not the std. .3125".
The thrds below the barrel, for securing into the forearm, are a reduced 3/8x16, not the traditional 5/16x14.
The front part of the pin, that which connects with the insert, is exactly the same as the orig. Uni-QR.

The insert was designed to sit flush/flat-face though can be used in traditional installation by
leaving what would be the thickness of the pilot exposed. The pilot never touches anything anyway.

The 'reverse' installation that I described above is the way these sets were orig. designed.
They can be made to work in a conventional manner as long as you are aware of the differences.
Now you know about as much as I do, at least on these pins/inserts.
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Thanks very Much KJ, I was actually thinking on buying these as I have a couple customer's that have Uniloc's that need some repair, but due to the different look of these, prompted the previous question.
It would be nice if the seller had originally posted the differences, thanks KJ for having our