Shane announced as 4th pick on the Mosconi Cup team. One pick remains.


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I'd like to see Justin or Oscar as the last pick, possibly even Donnie Mills. JMHO


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It's Oscar. He was the fifth person at the training camp at Griff's in August and on Hatch's announcement it said that Hatch was "One of 3 players on the last American winning team in 2009 to be on 2017's team." They've since changed the verbiage on Hatch's announcement, but it was there earlier.


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Final Ranking
1 Shane VAN BOENING 330
2 Dennis HATCH 185
3 Skyler WOODWARD 173
4 Billy THORPE 134
5 Rodney MORRIS 128
6 Donny MILLS 118
7 Oscar DOMINGUEZ 116
8 Corey DEUEL 102
9 Hunter LOMBARDO 100
10 Brandon SHUFF 93
11 Johnny ARCHER 83
13 Josh ROBERTS 63
14 Jeremy JONES 59
15 Justin BERGMAN 49
16 Shaun WILKIE 48
17 Devin POTEET 45
T18 James DAVIS 38
T18 Jeremy SOSSEI 38
20 Manny PEREZ 37

The fifth pick will be one of the 16 above. :smile:


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And the Wildcard pick is .................



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Gotta be disappointing for Mills, we figured they'd skip Morris and Mills was next on the list. Congrats to Oscar though he's a great player and will represent us well.
I have a good feeling about this team


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He was the only one not in top 5 so it has to be his wildcard pick right ?

My understanding is that he had to pick 4 out of the top 10, and he could pick one not in the top 10 if he wanted. There was no top 5 requirement.