Shane's Cuetec has seen some mileage.


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Anybody else notice how beat up his Cuetec is? :shocked2:

Is that some new fancy design or is it just missing that much of the forearm finish?


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Cardigan Kid

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That was a great shot on that for ball there. He's been using that for a while. Been offered 10 k for it and said no. He breaks with it as well so that damage can be from when he comes into the break it hits the rail off the diamond wood and chips a bit.

It's like Johnny cash said about his guitars, play it like you mean it (banging it into mic stands and speakers while performing).


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You call that the 'finish'?

His 'first stick' had a loose ferrule that made an awful sound when he hit the ball. He played with it like that for a couple a three years or so.