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  • Hi there, Ryan.
    I quess my reply to you was not send when I did so the next day after your message. I don't know the reason but I don't have sent messages in the folder in spite of the fact I tried to send it. You can also send me a message to my e-mail then I'll be sure you get my reply.
    Concerning your questions... I'm from Kiev. There are enough billiard halls in major cities but the most popular game here is piramid. So in every billiard hall you'll definitely find piramid tables but that is not the case with regards to pool tables especially 9-ft. There are a few nice billiard halls with 9-ft pool tables in Kiev. I know there are also some in Dnepropetrovsk (now Dnepr). In some cities it won't be an easy quest to find a pool table. I quess it would be easier to help you when you know what cities you're going to visit.
    I will be glad to help you so feel free with the questions.
    Best regards,
    My e-mail:
    I haven't been using a "low deflection shaft" although my shafts don't defect much because they're app. 12mm. They will deflect a "half ball" on a 9' shot (end rail to end rail or thereabouts). The touch of inside brings out a new perception of the cue ball that encourages a "cut" so it's not all about defection, it's also about utilizing the '3 Part Pocket System'.

    Play Well, my friend, let me know after you watch TOI if you have any questions, I'd recommend watching it 3/5 times to absorb some of the more subtle info.
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