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butt: predator special edition 17
wrap: wrapless
joint: uni-loc
tip: kamui black soft

break cue: predator bk3

jump cue: predator air 2

Kim Bye

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Playing cue:
Butt: Exceed
Shaft: Mezz WX900 30"
Wrap: Wrapless
Joint: United joint
Tip: Zan Premium Soft
3" Extension
Length: 62"
Weight 19.5oz

Break Cue:
Butt: Mezz Power Break
Shaft: Mezz Deep Impact H and R
Wrap: Wrapless
Joint: United Joint
Tip: Taom 2.0
Length: 58"
Weight: 19oz

Jump Cue
Mezz Airdrive with Taom tip.


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Butt: Tim Scruggs 4 pointer with 5 veneers 15.3oz
Shaft:Tim Scruggs 12.5mm and 12.8mm with ivory ferrules 4.2oz
Wrap: Black leather
Tip: Zan
Joint: Acme stainless steel flat-faced into wood

Break cue BK2 wrapless with original specs.

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It's in my signature block...

Butt: -R- full splice bumperless, 30'
Shaft: Gulyassy SPTX, 30'
Extension: 4' ebony in-joint extension, newsheriffintown-made :)
Weight: 24 oz (with extension)
Wrap: Burgundy elephant ear
Joint: 5/16x14 SS
Tip: milkdud (pooldawg8), 12.50 mm
Length: with extension, overall 64"

Other cues:

McDermott NG01 jump/break, white diamond tip with phenolic ferrule...the phenolic stinger protrudes as a tenon through a hole bored through the tip so it's flush with the tip's surface...this a new setup done by Vyc here on AZB and it's the absolute nuts.

Kimmo H.

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I recently got myself an early christmas present, a Mezz EC7-B3. Made of bocote, with juma and paua shell inlays. I love the looks of it, so nice to my eyes and plays just as great. Thumbs up for Mezz, once again :smile:

Butt: Mezz EC7-B3
Shaft: Hybrid Pro II
Weight: 19.2oz
Wrap: Irish Linen
Joint: United
Tip: Kamui Original Soft 12.5mm
Length: 58"

And a photo or two for those interested ;)



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Butt: Terry Roach custom
Shaft: Terry Roach custom LD
Weight: 18.5 oz
Wrap: none
Joint: Ivory, Steel, Radial pin
Tip: Kamui Black Clear Super Soft


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Butt- Bob Frey Custom 14.3 oz. 30" long
4 Ebony Points, 4 Veneers
BEM Forearm
Ebony butt sleeve
Leather Wrap
Shafts 4-4oz each 30" long each, 12.5mm each, custom taper
Ferrules-Black Linen Micarta
5/16x14 stainless piloted joint
Tips- G2 Hard
18.3 oz total
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Charley Bond - Guido Orlandi Cue

Butt: 29 inches long, about 14.5 ounces

Shaft:29 .5 Ivory, Moori, 12.6 , about 4.25 ounces

Weight: 18.75 ounces

Wrap: Cork

Joint: Conical

Tip: 12.65

Length : 58.5 with extra 6 inch extender.

Other cues: Auerbach Custom Break Cue

Butt: 29 inches long, about 15 ounces

Shaft:30, Ivorine, Tiger, 12.6 , about 4 ounces

Weight: 19.00 ounces

Wrap: Stack-Wrap

Joint: Piloted flat face SS

Tip: 13.5

Length : 59