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Kimmo H.

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I can't be sure if a thread like this has been here before, but I thought it'd be nice to see what people like to play with here and gather it all in one place :)
I know that there is the Cue and Case gallery to show off your cues, but not too many users seem to even browse that section, so maybe the Main Forum has enough space for this thread too. I'm sure that we'll get a lot more replies here :rolleyes:

Share your cue(s) specs here, pictures are more than welcome too :wink:

Heres a quick list to fill in if you dont want to write an essay about your own precious :eek: You can share the specs for various cues if you wish, but lets keep this mainly about the cues that we play with most of the time.

If you'd like to add something to the list below, please ask and I'll add it in there.


Other cues:
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Kimmo H.

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I'll start off with my cue :embarrassed2:

Butt: Mezz AYA-K
Shaft: Predator 314²
Weight: 18.8oz
Wrap: Leather
Joint: Mezz United
Tip: Kamui Clear original, Medium hardness

Other cues: BK3 as a break cue, awesome at that I must say :smile:

A picture for those interested:
*Click here*


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Playing Cue

Butt - Cognoscenti
Shaft - Stock Cognoscenti shaft w/Zan Medium
Shaft on order -- Pred Z 2 w/Kamui Black Medium
Weight - 19.0 oz
Wrap - Irish Linen
Joint - 7/16 11 G10

Break Cue

Butt - Falcon Jump/Break
Shaft - Stock Falcon shaft w/Phenolic Tip
Weight - 20.3 oz
Wrap - Irish Linen
Joint - 5/16 14


Butt: Rick Howard custom 4-point
Shaft: Rick Howard custom taper
Weight: 19 oz
Wrap: Cortland linen
Joint: ivory 5/16x18 pin
Tip: Water Buffalo med/hard

Other cues: schon, Viking, two other Rick Howard's

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Butt: Phillippi
Shaft: Phillippi Ferruless
Weight: 18.8
Wrap: Leather with Lizard embossing
Joint: 5/16 18
Tip: Kamui Super Soft



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Butt: 14.5 - 14.75 ozs. (Must be under 15 ozs) & Ebony Wood Only - 29" length

Shaft: min wt of 3.7 ozs.....12.75mm -13mm.....flat faced wood joint - 29" length

Weight: 18.25 - 18.5 ounces (Max wt. 18.75 ozs)

Wrap: Cortland Linen (becoming scarce) or elephant ear

Joint: Flat Face Ivory with Big Pin (3/8x10 or 3/8x11 or Radial)

Tip: Kamui Clear Black (Soft & Super-Soft)

Other Cues: Listed in my signature plus 2 more cues underway with Bob & Jerry (Spring '16 Arrival)

Matt B

Other Specs:

Ferrules: Ivory (7/8 - 1" length)

Forearm: Maple..........BEM, Curly or Tiger

Points: Ebony (sharp points only)

Inlays & Rings: A Must....Same applies to Veneers.......Minimum of 4 veneers.

Butt Size: 1.275" diameter or 4" circumference @ buttcap

Matt B.



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Butt: McDermott Gentry
Shaft: I3
Weight:18-20 with extension
Tip: Original Kumui soft

Butt: McDermott NG05
Shaft: Solid Maple (I only use the stinger shaft for jumping)
Weight: 19
Wrap: Irish Linen
Joint: 3/8-10
Tip: Samsara


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Playing cue-

Butt: Runde 15 - 4pnt ebony into bem with white/green/green/white/black veneers, 15.15oz
Shaft: Runde - 4.3oz, 12.75mm, original micarta ferrule
Weight: 19.45oz
Wrap: linen, white/green spec
Joint: 5/16x14 stainless steel
Tip: Wizard medium
Balance Point: 19.75"

Break cue-

Butt: Gilbert jump/break bloodwood and bem
Shaft: Gilbert, 13.1mm
Weight: 19.25oz
Wrap: wrapless
Joint: 3/8x10
Tip: Samsara
Balance Point: 19.5"


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Butt- 30 inches, 4 pt, 4 veneer, 5/16x14 stainless, 14.3 oz. Leather wrap.
Shafts-1.-4.1 oz ivory ferrule 30 inches, 13mm
2.-4.2 oz black linen micarta ferrule 30 inches, 12.75mm
3. 4.1 oz black linen micarta ferrule 30 inches, 12.75mm
All shafts G2 hard tips

Butt-30 inches, 14.2 oz, wrap less, Ivory Flat Faced Joint w/Radial Pin
1. 4.0 oz Ivory Ferrule 30 inches, 11.75mm
2. 4.1 oz Ivory Ferrule 30 inches, 12mm
3. 4.1 oz Black Linen Micarta Ferrule 30 inches, 12.75mm
All Shafts G-2 Hard Tips

Gulyassy Anvil B/J
Butt-29 inches, 3/8x10 pin 14 oz. Leather Wrap
1. 29 inches, Black Linen Micarta Ferrule, 3.75 oz., 12.50mm
2. 29 inches, Black Linen Micarta Ferrule, 3.90 oz., 12.75mm
Both shafts Samsara Break Tips
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Butt: 15 oz is perfect
Shaft: 12.9 -13.0 mm, 4.0+ oz., ivory ferrelle
Weight: 19.0-19.5 with 19.25 being perfect
Wrap: Linen
Joint: Ivory 1st Choice, Piloted Stainless Steel 2nd Choice
Tip: Moori-Soft, Kamuai-Soft Black
Length: 57" - 58"

Currently playing cue Gus Szamboti with above specifications.




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Older Pete Tascarella full-spliced cue, rosewood into birdseye with four veneers. Two shafts, one original and the other I just had Pete make me a couple of months ago.

Butt: 15.1
Shaft: 3.6
Weight: 18.7oz
Wrap: Leather
Joint: 3/8x10 wood-to-wood, black phenolic collars with thin silver ring
Tip: Don't remember.
Length: 29.25" butt. Original shaft is 29.25", new one is 30"
Shaft diameter: Original shaft is a baseball bat at 13.3mm, new one is around 12.65mm.

Other cues: Lambros sneaky pete, Jacoby Edge break cue.


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Butt: 90's Falcon (ebony points into bem)
Shaft: Precat 314
Weight: 20.5 oz
Length: 60 in
Wrap: Irish Linen
Joint: 5/16 14 SS Piloted
Tip: 12.5 mm, Dawgdud!

Butt: Lomax J/B (Bocote w/ Tiger Maple handle)
Shaft: Lomax J/B shaft
Weight: 18.5 oz
Length: 58 in
Wrap: Wrapless
Joint: 3/8-10
Tip: 13mm, Lomax phenolic ferrule/tip


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Butt: Custom cue butt with Uni Lock joint (METAL, NOT IMPLEX)
Weight: 18.75oz (WHOLE CUE)
Length: 58 inches
Wrap: Irish linnen, black with white spec
Shaft: Predator Z2, 11,75mm, factory spec
Tip: Moori M
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Mike Gulyssay playing cue, with Mezz hpII shaft, whole cue weights 17.4 oz
Tip of use either a good lepro or a sniper, don't play with anything else.


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My Stonier cue has the below specs. Thin butt section, but monster shafts.

-Tips 13.50 and 13.56 mm (the "smaller" of the two has a really sweet tone)
-Taper is not a regular pro taper, it's very gradual and plays pretty stiff.
-Joint is at .810
-Brass pin and collar
-3/8x11 pin
- "A" joint is 1.05
-Buttcap is 1.20

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Butt: Schmelke Bocote fancy pete 30" 1.275" butt .850 at joint 17oz
Shaft: Predator 314-2 30" 4.5oz
Weight: 21.5oz
Wrap: Wrapless
Joint: Implex 3/8 10 stainless pin
Tip: Kamui clear black soft
Length: with bumper 60.5"

Other cues: Too many Schons to list. :grin-square:


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