Siberian bear by DBK


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A new piece of art from the best full splice maker in the world. Since Dmitry is so busy and modest ;), I post the pics of his latest work. Enjoy!


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Got new pics from Dmitry.

Also his 100. cue, another incredible 6 point fullsplice. Quite decent, what do you mean?


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Simple, thank you for your help in placing pictures. For some time I could not post. I will add only one more picture of sleeve.


Was not on the forum for a long time, sorry. But there were many pleasant events, and not very pleasant. A month ago, nearly cut my finger :banghead:. It was unpleasant. But do not worry, everything is slowly getting back to normal :). Healing, as the Siberian bear:wink:. I almost forgot about this event. No, I'm lying, I shall never forget :nono:. Take care of your fingers !!!!!.:thumbup:

Since I had a lot of time when I could not work, but could think, so the idea of bear traces came. I spent this time for engraving.


While I can not fully work with my finger, so that the end of the Siberian bear is a little later. It's not easy. First, I must be completely covered and polished cue with a fake sleeve, as in the picture.


And only on the finished cue I can put the carved sleeve. I hope all ends accurately.

From the pleasant events - I finished my anniversary cue, number One Hundred :dance:.


More here.
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Its an absolutely amazing one!

Thanks :smile:

Oh, I forgot to tell the story of the carved sleeve. It's almost a rarity. Some time ago an old cue came for repair, approximately 2001-2002 model year. Here's a picture from my archive 2001-2002 (First on the right.)


The cue was very shabby, but the sleeve was almost intact. I did not fix this cue. But I made ​​a new cue, and the left the sleeve myself.
And recently I decided to use the sleeve again. Now I do not know what the cue will out as a result, but I will try to make it interesting.

P.S. By the way, I have one more old carved sleeve, but with mammoth. (second on the right) Carving is almost the same as the first on the left.
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