Silver Cue in Lexington KY


Banger McCue
Silver Member
I found my way over to the Silver Cue yesterday afternoon, on New Circle Rd (rte 4) in Lexington Ky. They boast 17 tables, most of which are 7' Olhausen (they have 6 valley bar boxes) with a few 9' Olhausen tables.

Table time was $4 per hour, and bottle beer was $2. They have a limited menu, but I cannot comment on the food (I didn't eat) and the waitstaff is friendly and attentive. I was offered a refill several times while there.

I shot on a 9' Olhausen with drop pockets (not the plastic ones). The felt was well worn, and the table was filthy. The waitress looked at me like I was from Mars when I asked for a table brush, but she found one for me (looked brand new)

It was a nice place over all, and it's close to the hotel I'm staying at, so I'll be there again this evening. If there's a car in the lot with a Delaware tag, it's me. Just shout DelaWho??? when you come in the door and I'll find you.