Simple Routine to Avoid Choking


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I firmly believe in the benefits of meditation, and see that it is now being used at many hospitals and clinics for pain reduction as well as it's more familiar role for stress reduction and management. Guided imagery has also long been used in psychotherapy, even though the courts have recently declared it a "hypnotic treatment". I first started meditating in the 70's when TM was big, thanks to the Beatles, and also once attended a 3-day silent meditation retreat at a Bhuddist monastery as part of a Zen class for my undergrad philosophy degree, and the effect was amazing. It's many, many years old. But how and why it works is still under investigation, as your article points out. Thanks!


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Well,I tried it and it works.
On a hill/hill match, I squeezed my balls and I totally forgot about
the pressure of the match.

As a matter of fact,I couldn't even remember my name or what the hell I was doing there.


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Interesting study

although most people choke because of a lack of self discipline in them. They have a hard time controlling their emotions, and under pressure, they have little emotional spikes that cause them to go haywire.

I, too, overcame that in my first $1,000 set when I made a hard 9 ball for the set. It was like a switch flipped for me.

Exercise and Martial Arts are 2 things that will help a person to control their emotions better.


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You don't kick in Judo. Judo is all throws, takedowns, and submissions. There is no striking.

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I have severed tendons in my left hand and have a ball i squeeze to help my hand, so that's why i don't choke. Makes sense now lol


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I have the opposite problem, I step up to the plate when it's important, but if I'm just shooting around with friends or my wife I really suck. I think pressure helps me focus. Should I tense up my right hand? Throw an empty beer bottle at the bartender and try to run out before I get thrown out?