Skinny Bob's Saturday 9 ball Tournie


Pistol Perez
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I run this tournie every Saturday night at 8:30 sign in ... ive bben running it for the past 2months and it has grown to 29 players if it $10 entry ,$3 added with 8 or more players.. 512-721-8229 Veronica


Ready, fire...aim
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I need 3 on the wire to 7

What is the race? Also is is straight up or handicapped? I need LOTS of weight. :grin:


You should have them post this on their website :wink:

Thanks for the info now I have different options for Saturdays.


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Everybody plays even except ladies get a game on the wire.

Why??? What if a lady shows up and enters that plays at B speed, and I draw her, me playing at a C speed on a good day? I have to give HER a game on the wire in a race to 4 (3 on losers side)???

EVERYONE should have to play even. At the very least there should be some kind of system in place that doesn't give a lady a game on the wire if she doesn't need it.

Maniac (admits there are many women that plays better pool than he does)


Pistol Perez
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9 ball

Ladies get one on the wire only on the winner side .. Race 4/3 .. Certain men will also b giving one on the wire to players only on winner side ...