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Roger Taft, a.k.a. Hightrucker92, creates beautiful wooden cases.

A while back Roger started a thread about ball cases.

I asked Roger if he could make a snooker ball case out of ash and ebony, and here's the result. I find the design clean and elegant.

The case is made of ash and ebony.

The Aramith 2-1/8" balls sit in small depressions in the foam. The depressions are just deep enough that if you roll a ball into the case it'll find a depression and settle in.

You can see this a little better in this washed out photo shot using my phone earlier in the day.

When the case is closed the fit is snug and the balls don't move.

If you have a set of 2-1/8" or 2-1/6" snooker balls and want to give your twenty-two little friends a nice home, contact Roger. He also makes cue cases, humidors, jewelry boxes, and the like.


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