Snooker World Championships


When will then be now?
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These matches are being aired on BBC Two - free live streams available!

If you don't know the rules, it's okay; you'll learn as you watch, and you will see some incredible play - even if you don't understand the rules. Trust me on this, they are worth watching!

This link has been working perfectly for me:

I can recommend starting with the 8:30 AM CST match this morning (4/29/2014).

Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Shaun Murphy'Sullivan

The full schedule (and live scoring) is available here:
The times on that website are BST - Subtract 5 hours to get EST, 6 hours to get CST, etc (19:00 BST = 13:00 CST).

Thanks again Scaramouche for posting all the links, brackets, live streams, and scoreboards!

[P.S. If you enjoy the chat rooms, feel free to join us at Type in whatever nickname you'd like to use, and type "snooker" as the Channel Name. The small crowd in that chat room is very friendly and knowledgeable. ]
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Ronnie "Bata" O'Sullivan

What Efren is to the pool world, Ronnie O'Sullivan is to the snooker world-AMAZING!:grin: