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jersey jer

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Here's some thanks and and appreciation for some good done just by having this site available :thumbup:
Shortly after I had sold a cue to a friend in Feb of 2014 friend it was stolen. Inquiries were made at surrounding pawn shops, the local pool rooms were alerted, and quite a few guys I played with knew the cue. Nothing came of it. While the cue was in my possession I had taken a number of pictures of it and told my buddy I'd forward them to him, and that I'd post them up in the stolen cue board here. Well 3 1/2 years later somebody at a local flea market took a chance for 70 bucks and bought a case and cue from one of the tables. Guy put the case on ebay and I think he got $300, which made the guy do a double take and he googled the signature on the cue. Famiglietti. well it turned up my stolen cue post, the gentleman called the pool room and reunited my bud with the Cue:smile::thumbup::smile: The guy that did it deserves a bunch of drinks at the bar!
There are good guys out there, and there is good that can be done just by having this place around.

From me and my buddy, Thanks AZBILLIARDS!
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Kimmo H.

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That is one cool story, I am sure the owner never expected to see the cue ever again after so many years.
My hat is off to the gentleman who had the decency to contact the original owner after searching for it, well done :thumbup: