something to ponder, CJ give this a good read :)


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I didnt write this, I copied and pasted it from another site(not pool related) it applies to pool tho(the first paragraph is a bit dated, this was written in 87):

The newest direction towards bigger and better tournaments has been the introduction of the large money events. In order to attract the “big names” of the game, and also to create a sense of status, many tournaments are offering an expensive knockout. Although this type of event is a vehicle for excitement (many like the opportunity of a large return), I am concerned about its impact.

Oftentimes, when entry fees become extremely high, they tend to eliminate the students of the game. High rollers and sponsored players can generate the funds necessary to participate, but many of the enthusiasts would be hard-pressed to come up with the exorbitant fee. Generally, most players realize the unsound nature of investing their money for a prize within a tournament; but they do it for the challenge and the glory, and also for the entertaining value of competition. For the majority of players who support the small number of winners, I hope that the tournament will have consideration of their burden.

Since this activity is participatory rather than a spectator sport, the necessity of access and affordability is in the the interest of growth. A direction towards “eliteness” has often diminished the ranks, just as a closed market place usually stunts the expression of new ideas and talents. My hope is that eventually, we can accommodate high-level competition without the financial factor becoming the barrier.

I wish I could write that good, think this applies to pool. Its a participatory sport not a spectator driven business. And there in lies the problem itself of why pro pool as a biz has failed time and time again. and the leagues thrive.


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It has always been my opinion that low entry fees was the reason so many people went to the Derby C C . You could play for about what it cost to go watch.
It was a "deal" and lets face it, pool players always want a deal.


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If you'd have not tipped your hand Eric that is was not pool related, I would have thought - it might be pool. I would've guessed it could also be bowling, jai alai, tiddly winks, darts, chicken throwing, hot dog eating, chess, spelling bees, cornhole or THE World Championship of Spin The Bottle (that's a DP Promotion, Charlie spins every other time ;)). Would never had guessed it was backgammon.

But I agree, the sentiment/logic in this article relates well to pool. (albeit he mispelled "exorbitant" - Fatboy must know him ;) ) Good to see you back.


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Does this mean there iz gonna be a big Bonus Ball announcement in 2 weeks, but you can`t tell us again?? ;):)


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true business post, Eric.

we dropped $3K @ Mosconi (& Opens @ Vegas), ONLY because of personal ties & love for The Game & that we could afford to do so.