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  • please email me
    i am not actively watching az
    there are many guys who like you have supported me
    thank you
    No , I am living back in Ohio , my wife could not stand to be away from the family .
    I'm glad we got to meet and maybe I will visit one day soon.
    Assuming we are talking about the same con-artist here, I know him way better than I'd like to. I've posted here before about it/him but most people are too hardheaded to accept what's common knowledge to others. Oh and by the way, he can't play a lick either. Out there giving lessons and selling book and wouldn't play me(I'm just a solid player, A level in my area but nothing special). Total toolbag, that guy is. For some reason people buy what he's selling...
    Hi Bill,

    Just touching base - sorry to have been silent for so long, hope you and
    yours are well...

    I have obtained another copy of "Billiards without a Master"! I am still
    looking for some others, such as: the 1827 French 1st edition Mingaud, the
    early (circa 1800) Treatise by "An Amateur", "The Fabulous Mr. Ponzi",
    2nd, 3rd or 4th edition Kentfield, any other. "rare" ones that you may know
    of …

    Also, what is your regular email address, the one I have for you is no good. And, do you have a good email address for Tim Lawrence? The one i have for him was his work and he retired at tge end of last year...
    Best Regards,

    Carter Adams
    If you find that article about Country Calvin, you can e-mail it to me at
    I'll try it this afternoon. From your description I am imagining the cue ball going between the object ball and the bottom rail and then to the side rail. Is that right? Seems like a little high inside english will help it go...? I placed in the cash at Airway's B/C saturday 1pkt tourney once. That qualifies me as a B player, ya?
    read your post about playing chess, you sound like a pretty good player. I'm not very good but I enjoy playing, its been a long time since I played. Efren is a good player.

    happy New Years

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!, good wishes throughout the upcoming year!

    Sorry about that....I'm trying to figure out how that
    Thanks doc....
    Man...those chickens...they are tempremental. That's all I'm getting is 2 eggs a day. They are pissed because I rearranged their living space and quarters...cutting down from 1/2 acre to less than 1/5 acre. I keep telling them they have got it made compared to most hens but they don't listen....If they keep messing with me they will end up in the
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