I see Edges
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There's a guy named Spanky playing on the Sandcastle stream.
Is this the Spank from the reality series Anerican Hustlers ?


I watch the one of his matches at that tourney. The Italian named fellow (too early in the morning to remember) was visibly nervous. The commentors said it was his first video'd match and oh boy you could tell. Spanky (never seen him before) was running all over his opponent. His stroke is solid, but I noticed something with his pattern choices that was unexpected with a player of his caliber. He opted for long draws with shorter OB to pocket instead of slightly long OB to pocket shots with follow. A couple times, when trying to get shape for these shorter shots, he hooked himself or scratched.

Against a high caliber player I'm sure they'd make him pay and tighten up the race count.


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I just saw him for the 1st time at the SBE & was extremly impressed. That boy "CAN PLAY"