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Freddy posted about the Billiard Channel on Roku.

I found the site but it doesn't appear that one can watch from your computer. At least I couldn't find out how.

Anyway, it reminded me of a site that I have gone to late at night when I want to watch a little live pool.

Star Billiards in the PI has 5 Streaming tables. Can often find some decent games going on with some very good players. PI, no kidding eh.

Anyway, not the best video quality in the World but better than nothing if someone gets bored and wants to see some decent Filipino Players.


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Thanks for the info
All credit to the owner Sebastian Chua who is major driving force and supporter behind Filipino pool. Get free pool, free Internet , free drinks etc at his room- all pro bono
What better way to encourage youngsters and newbies and more people interested in pool