Starting up a weekly local bar tournament...hopefully


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I used to play every week in a $10 Tuesday bar tournament. Then I moved across town and it's not so easy to get over there on a work night. Plus, the player pool has dropped over there to the point where even if you win, you only walk out with like $50, so it's just not worth the drive unless I really don't have anything going on. There are 4 bars within 5 miles of where I live now that each have 4 valley bar boxes and a decent amount of players willing to drop $1.25/game in the tables.

I'd like to get one of them to start up a 5 or 10 dollar weekly tournament, which I'd be more than happy to run for them. How would you go about approaching the bar owners about it? And, if they're interested in the idea, how would you go about promoting it?

At least 2 of the bars already have free pool Mondays. Would you try to get it going on those nights, or go for a different night? I would like to avoid the weekend since I don't get to play much pool on the weekends. My personal preference would be Monday or Tuesday.

I have tournament brackets to print out, I know the how the payout breakdown should go, I'm just not sure where to start as it comes to finding out who would have an interest in holding it, and what questions to ask them.

Any constructive input is appreciated.


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The bar would need help on the slow nights (ie- Monday--Tues). He probably doesn't need help on the weekends. You have to show him how it is going to help him. In other words, by having the tournaments how is he going benefit by making more money.

I would think that having the tourney on Monday and either charging for the game or a flat entry (ie $15-- $10 for the prize fund $5 per player for the bar). You might first offer to split the table time fee (ie the $5) say $3 for him and $2 for you. That would encourage you to bring in more players.