Stupid Question


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Nobody knows.:shrug: On second thought you may want to check with
Cocobolo Cowboy.on this. He seems to know just everything worth


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Its used for the VBookie sub forum where they let you place "virtual" bets on specific matches or tournaments. They haven't run a VBookie event in a while.

Its play money.

Island Drive

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No such thing as a Stupid question. Now if you know the answer, ''that's a stupid question''.
The trolls tho have ''stupid responses''....they know Everything ITOM.


John Fischer
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There are stupid questions, but they should be asked because they are far easier to handle than most any other type of stupidity; especially stupid mistakes.

This was said to me a long time ago by a man far smarter than I when I said “Doug this might be a dumb question but….”, I never forgot it.