Suffering from severe mental bloopers during play - Need help!


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Always remember you have left and right hand cuts angles, your stance, your elbow, hand, wrist is at times after shooting say three or four shots with say left cuts, or fast speed then comes a right hand cut, or different speed shot, if you are the type of player whose stroke is a bit off (say you tend to cut balls thinner, then if you go down and shoot without giving it a thought, no matter how easy the shot is you will miss. My advise is to ensure 100% stroke straightness by changing your stance, so that both cuts become identical and switching is not a problem; of course there are the swerve, squirt, you name it stuff, but that usually gets accounted for if you are slightly top player. Some experts say dominant eye stuff !! between the two cuts, i do not buy this if you use comparison aiming.
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