^^^^^ SUPER SALE RICHARD HARRIS $1100 no trades


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Richard Harris cue
Butt 15 oz at the joint its 0.849 and the butt is 1.255
Shaft 1 3.6 oz 13.1 mm
Shaft 2 3.6 oz 13.1 mm

Cocobola forearm and butt sleeve with a nice black and brown linen wrap
the cue has one small chip in the butt cap but nothing meager
it can be repaired with out removing the signature for a extra $150
SUPER SALE one last price bump $950 OBO no trades




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RH Cue

What is up with the marks on the shaft near the joint collar area?
How does the cue play.
I just gave up a beautiful Cocobola with a leather wrap that was like new.
It played & hit great, but it was too heavy for me. I like mine about 18.5oz.
Would you be interested in 1 of my cues as a partial trade? I have a Lomax SP, A Viking Limited Ed., A McDermott Deacon, A Balabushka LGB-3 & a couple of Dominiak's.
I also have some higher end cues if you wanted to add some $$$, A Carolina Custom built by Pete T., A Coco Ivory Woody w/leather wrap, A Carmelli 6pt.Ebony/Ebony w/leather wrap.