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  • I have a few White diamond tip that I can sell. if you need them. $9.00 each
    I would want 4 of them and would pay you via PayPal
    I have a Gault I am going to sell. about a 4 inch blade, stag handles. he was a famous Texas knife maker who I believe passed away. you can find stuff on him online.
    I am not sure what it's worth, would have to do some checking. if interested, I can send photos. would consider trades for cues.
    Hey man sent you a pm a couple days ago, any way to let me know something, thanks, Trav.
    Hey Chris,
    By the time I saw the post, the Scruggs cue was already sold. I have a similar Scruggs, 4 points, no veneers, but more ring work. Also cocobola but regular black scruggs butt cap. Can you tell me about what the market price on these type cues are? I'd appreciate it. Don't know that I'll sell my Scruggs but have thought about it.
    Thanks, Steve (simmer1)
    Hey chris i just looked over my funds. I will be sending you a five hundred dollar money order on the sixth of august. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for understanding my situation right now. I dont want this to become a huge problem. You should have five hundred before august 13th. I will ship it quick. Talk to you soon.
    Thanks again
    please read the post i made in your black boar shaft thread, if you want a real old one it will fit, at some point Tony started making his own pins and they almost fit other cues, but some times they dont i think its 5/16X14 its not 18threads/inch. I cant remember the exact number but I own 4 Boars and 9 shafts. Sorry I dont have anything I can sell as they match the cues and are all different ring work, the other one was given to me and it would be out of line to sell it, It's my player as well. hope I helped


    fyi- Tony and Michael Vollmer share their shaftwood. If one of them gets a nica package, he´s sending over a part of it to the other.
    They have mostly the same taper and play so similar, you won´t recon a difference.

    hey Chris, this is tommy (wawacue) it was nice meeting you over the weekend at Eastside Billiards. am wondering if you know anyone interested in Justis cases & also I am unloading few cues, if you know of anyone Pm me or let me know. thanks & good meeting you
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