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Hi Guys. I haven't been around for a bit now. Cabelas called me back this Summer in Fishing and put me in as a permanent part time employee. Which is good because I seriously enjoy teaching people Fishing.

Anyway, some time ago, Tony Jones from Talisman got a hold of myself and others to do a Beta test on a new tip. This was to become what will be known as the Talisman Trinity.

A very pretty tip. Light blue and one would think your were looking at a Sniper, if not for the detailed design Ivy Vine on it.

I asked for Soft as that has been my favorite for some time now. Depending on the original Hardness Rating, they will usually pack down to ones desired preference. Soft is one that many of my customers prefer also.

I kept 1 for myself and put the rest on higher level players shafts. I didn't charge for them as that would be dishonest in my book. I got them for free and I installed them free. With the stipulation that the players would take special note of how the tip played under their circumstances and give me feed back no matter what. Good or bad.

The players were higher level players that are very picky on their equipment, specially on the tips they use. I had not received one complaint, other than they wanted more and I couldn't get them more at the time.

The Talisman Trinity is now in full production and available. I know that I just found my new tip. Now, that isn't to be putting down one or 2 other tips that I use and regularly install.

Trinity won't pack down much if any. No mushrooming or flattening so you have to re shape before, during and after every game like one other brand that I won't mention.

Once broken in, they will remain constant for you. For myself, that is the main thing. A Soft will play great until they are packed, and then you notice a huge difference that you just cannot abide by, no matter how hard you try to over look it. As far as the Feed back was concerned, this was the general opinion. Consistency in the Trinity. They won't suddenly change on you. This is what I was looking for.

I have used Talisman Softs for installs for some time now and have never had 1 complaint form a player. These were from the Original Soft tips.

My main thing is, if I recommend a brand of tip, and the customer isn't happy for what ever reason, I will always given them their money back in another installed tip, no questions asked, other than the reason as to why they didn't like it.

I truly believe that in this day and age when we are deluged by many new tips in the market place, you should consider buying a 3 pack from Talisman and giving them a try out.

Talisman has never let myself or any customers down in the past. If anything, I have had repeat installs. Tony is a great guy to do business with, you will always receive your tips, and Tony always throws something in like a Talisman shaft towel or Tee Shirt during special promotions. Even the Talisman Break Tip, which I can't get single, and I have bugged Tony for them.

I do have and install Talisman Mediums. I have stayed with the Soft because that is mainly what people have asked for, or I recommend. I believe they are at that Hardness Rating that will satisfy both the player who prefers a Soft and or a Medium tip. It might sound weird to say that, but that is the category they can fall into. In my opinion only. One of the reasons why I like them.

I am waiting for my order. My customers will be most pleased as they have been waiting for this.
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Hi Guys,

Its also been a "very" long time since I have posted here, its great to see the forum is still so active.

Thanks Blue Hog ridr for the great review above. As mentioned we have just launched the new Talisman Trinity tip and if anyone is interested I have an introductory 20% discount running at the moment.

Just enter the coupon code W3BJCE when making the purchase.

More details can be found here >>>>https://talismanbilliards.com/talisman-trinity-cue-tips/<<<<


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After reading all of this stuff, a potential customer still has no idea if it is pigskin, cowhide, water buffalo, or roadkill. Is it a single piece of material or is it a stack of glue with slices of mterial slid in at spaces?