Tapered shaft blanks FS

Paul Dayton

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I'm still sorting out my late friend Fred Meister's inventory and am selling a group of his shafts. Teses are tapered down to about .570" X. 900", are dead straight, have little or no run out and average about 12-15 rings per inch. They're 2008 or earlier and will make great shafts. The ones at .570 are $10 each and the larger ones are $8 each. The beauty of these is that there are no rejects, they have already been thrown out The minimum order is 5 shafts. Shipping will run 15-$20 depending on weight and distance. (These are cheaper now than my regular shafts are when I buy them) Please send me a pm. Thanks Paul

Sorry but they are SOLD OUTt for now. Thanks
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