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What is the difference between the atlas 3/8-10 x HO SPECIAL 4" LONG TAP- ZERO LIMIT and the atlas 3/8-10 SPECIAL 4" LONG TAP ? What is HO?


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> He's correct,the H number on a tap denotes the difference between dead-on and oversized,on all taps,not just ones used for cuemaking.

The higher the number,the bigger it is. In this case,the H number is 0,very snug with a perfect pin,a slightly oversized pin will seize. Tommy D.


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A "0" limit tap would give a tighter fit than a standard H3 factor tap, but "0" limit will probably not be an exact fit to the 3/8-10 pins as the pins themeselves are not a full .375" diameter. Most would use the regular 3/8-10 tap for the butt for easier gluing of the pin and the "0" limit tap for the shaft for a snugger fit to the pin.