TAR: New on demand release - TAR 28 Deuel vs Schmidt


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NEW RELEASE: TAR 28: John Schmidt vs Corey Deuel. This was filmed at the TAR Studio July 13-15, 2012. It was an All Around match:
Day 1: 8 Ball Race to 15
Day 2: One Pocket Race to 8
Day 3: 10 Ball Race to 21

Over seventeen hours of action.

The one pocket set went hill hill and may have been the longest set in the TAR Studio. I have done so many matches they can all run together but I usually have certain details stick out about a match.

This particular match I remember as the one where I wanted to murder John Schmidt. We didnt see eye to eye on some things and neither would give an inch for awhile. John is a smart guy and knows how to push buttons and he had me ready to explode. We worked it out, the match finished and we kissed and made up not long after.

This is a match I point to when people used to spout that crap these were just an exhibition and the players didnt care. Both these guys fought their ass off and emotions were high the whole time. I still consider both men friends and I'm glad I was able to work with both on multiple occasions. The entire match is available on demand now for $15. This includes unlimited streaming to any device and downloading to save to your collection.