Target Pool is Back (Kind of)


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Practice Cue Ball Positioning by Playing a Game (like Target Pool)

I'd like to announce that I have created an instructional game similar to Target Pool, but quite different and IMO much better. It's called Bullseye Billiards, and here is a short video that describes it:

The concept is the same, practice cue ball positioning by setting up a shot and landing the cue ball on a specific area of the table. I'd like to point out a few upgrades from Target Pool that make Bullseye Billiards unique:

-The Targets: BB targets are made from high-quality knit fabric that lay flat on the table and don't wrinkle. They can also be washed!

-The Shots: I created all of the shots in BB using a system I developed. They are geared towards effective learning of cue ball positioning. Each shot is designed with the line of aim, tip contact, stroke speed, and instructional hint. The book is what makes BB stand out.

-The Games: The primary game in BB is called "Around the World" where you shoot each shot until you make it at the desired level (red, green, black). Another game in BB is called "Shot Count", and this is like Target Pool where you shoot a shot 10 times and add up your score.

-Ball Placement: Instead of using chalk to mark up the table, BB comes with 3-ring donut stickers to place the balls on the table.

I'd like to give a shout out to a few AZBilliards members that helped review the book:
-Brian in VA
-Nick B

The full press release is available at

I will be opening up the website ( for orders starting on Saturday, November 22nd at 10am MST. I hope everyone likes it!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread or send me a PM. I'm also available by email
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Jeremiah...Interesting. Sad to note that you didn't use the numerical speed scale, as it is infinitely more accurate than slow, medium and fast, which are arbitrary at best.

Scott Lee
I agree that slow, medium, and fast are fairly arbitrary, so that is why the first 5 shots are speeds 1-5 and describe the scale to be used throughout the book. Btw, you are mentioned in the acknowledgements as one of my instructors!
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I am glad to see something like this on the market. For years there was demand that never got fulfilled. Kim had a great product, and for years there have been threads talking about why it was never re-released.

I feel enough time has passed from TP to make this a great potential tool for pool players. Good luck on the venture, and look forward to some reviews before I pull the trigger.