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Here we are at approximately 11 months into the pandemic living our new normal. We went from around March through August with no pool halls or bars open then got to go back on a limited basis for a little while. Some friends of mine at a couple pool rooms I frequent recently came down with covid so things are definitely getting hot again around here.

Being honest I'm pretty bitter about it all I'm not taking chances these last couple weeks and probably will continue avoiding pool rooms for a good while going forward. I've known people who died from it and some who've gotten pretty sick with it so I'm not thinking this is a so-called shamdemic. A few guys I know who we're sick with it and are now supposed to be over it all continue to have some lingering symptoms they can't shake so I think there's a lot the docs really don't know about this illness

Back to my bitterness; the pool rooms are where I have the most fun hands down but it's looking like that'll have to be put on pause one more time maybe until they can get these vaccines going.

On to the thankful section. I'm very thankful for my family friends and everyone who is out there trying to make things a little bit better during these challenging times especially frontline workers and first Responders who are trying to keep everyone safe.

Last but certainly not least I'm thankful for azb even in its new look for helping to keep me sane.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everybody.

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Great Post Brian. I like you have been avoiding the rooms and only occasionally play at friends "who also distance houses."

It's a depressing lot indeed but there are so many things to be thankful for.

I have poured myself into several things. Finished the work I started on my family genealogy so as to lay the foundation for future genealogists to come behind me. Working on two more books "brainchilds of mine" and making sure I get my walk in everyday and the pounds are slowly leaving.

I'm cooking for the crew today and every time we are together for anything it's such a blessing.

I hope we can all leave the bitterness and focus on ways to make the world better after vaccines while focusing on safety and virus

reduction today and everyday. :)