That's gotta be a foul


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Player stretches to make a ball in corner. A ball is underneath him near a corner as he stretches for the shot.

He shoots, misses, and in getting back up, off balance, his bridge hand knocks the OB into the corner pocket beneath him. (only one ball disturbed)/(was not his additional 'money ball')



Re spot OB?/by opponent? On spot? Stay down?

What result would you expect?

Note: League plays a proprietary hybrid foul system...aka, TD decides.;)


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Under WPA rules, super easy. Foul, ball-in-hand and the ball stays down (assuming 9/10-ball).

Under proprietary hybrid foul systems, not so much.


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This is the rule in VNEA

8. ACCIDENTALLY moving or touching any ball is not a foul unless: 1) the moved ball is the cue ball or 2) a moved ball makes contact with the cue ball or 3) a moved ball that is jumped off the table or pocketed or causes any ball to be jumped off the table or pocketed. (exception to #3: If the 8-ball is jumped off the table or pocketed it is loss of game if called by the opponent before the next shot is taken). Only opponent may replace the ball moved as closely as possible or leave it where it rests. If the shooter replaces the moved ball, it will be considered a foul.


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APA says the ball gets spotted back where it was by the opponent after all balls finish rolling. It is not a foul unless it stays on the table and is contacted by the cue ball, then the balls stay as they lie and incoming player has ball in hand.


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BCA league rules:

6. If a single disturbed ball falls into a pocket with no effect on the outcome of a shot, your opponent has the restoration option. However, if the disturbed ball is designated by specific game rules as the game winning ball, it must be restored. If the game-winning ball is disturbed and falls into a pocket when there is an effect on the outcome of the shot, it is loss of game.


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1) Pick your ruleset.
2) Decide later.

I'd suggest taking the normal route: replace (single!) accidentally moved ball as closely as possible to its original place as soon as all the balls have stopped moving.
Playing continues normally, no ball in hand.

We call it "white ball foul only".