The Beginner Sees Many Options, the Expert Sees ONE - Here's How We Do It

CJ Wiley

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Pool is a complex game, the good news is the better you play and the more knowledge you gain, the less choices you'll have to make.

What I mean is most choices beginners look at aren't possible or aren't the best option. A seasoned player will usually see the BEST SHOT [one pocket you'll see 2 on average and the score makes a difference too], and will choose the correct one quickly.

In this video I tell the secret of how I condensed the choices down as much as possible, to target the cueball consistently, use the same tempo consistently and create the shotmaking angles consistently.

If you have trouble with inconsistency this video will give you some suggestions that, if you apply them for a couple weeks will definitely improve your overall game. If you have any questions I'll be glad to help you understand as well as possible.

They Game is the Teacher -