The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.


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May 25-29th, 2022 Buffalo's $26,000 Added Pro Classic.
Top One Pockets players battle it out for the biggest payouts in One Pocket!!
Tonight the 1000 Added One Ball One Pocket tournament.
Thursday night the $20,000 Added One Pocket main event starts.
Get down to Buffalos Billiards in New Orleans if you can and watch in person.



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Congratulations to Billy Thorpe winner of the 2022 Buffalos Pro Classic One Ball One Pocket event.
Great event for Robbie Langford taking 2nd
Evan Lunda & John Morra with 3-4th place finish.
Check out the bracket to see how all there players finished here

So you have any live streaming ?


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Tony Chohan $14,000
Scott Frost $9,500
Chip Compton $8,000
Fedor Gorst $15,000
Corey Deuel $8,000
John Morra $8,600
Billy Thorpe $6,500
Justin Hall $6,500
Roberto Gomez $8,500
Josh Roberts $9,000
Sky Woodward $5,000
Warren Kiamco $5,000
Alex Calderon $5,000
Robert Frost $4,500
Danny Smith $2,000
Evan Lunda $4,500
Omar Alshaheen $4,000
Earl Strickland $2,600
Sergio Rivas $2,000
Ike Runnels $800
Hunter White $1,100
Robbie Langford $2,800
Mike Delawder $500
Jeremy Seaman $1,700
George Rothrock $1,100
Paul Spaanstra $200
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