The Fishers battle twice at WPBA Fairfield Invitational, Kelly goes undefeated to claim title


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It’s easy to forget that while tournament reports, by their very nature, focus on a narrow band of tournament activity, there’s a lot more that goes on than just the matches that determine the hot seat match opponents, the hot seat match, the loss-side activity that leads to the finals and the finals themselves. There are pivotal, individual matchups, the results of which, unsure when they begin, prove to be significant to the way it all turned out.

That said, the hot seat and finals of the WPBA’s $15,000-added Fairfield Invitational, held this past weekend (March 16-19), was a highly anticipated pair of matches between the #1 and #2-ranked women in the WPBA, Kelly and Allison Fisher. Kelly went undefeated to claim the title in the event that drew 48 invited entrants to the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center in Fairfield, Iowa.

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I so wanted to go to that, but I had to work. Dutchess was also at Big Dogs in Des Moines....