The Pro Book: Maximizing Competitive Performance for Pool Players by Bob Henning- ?


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Stan Shuffet recommended that to me years ago, and it helped me tremendously - especially the 16 reference shots (can't emphasize this enough!). Practicing and learning those really helped with both my confidence in shot making and understanding how to string patterns together. I think they may be specifically applicable to 9-ball but have helped me with all games.



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any reviews are appreciated~

I won one of my first Semi-Pro 9-ball events, besting Jose Parica, Morro Paez, Keith McCready, and a couple other notables, immediately following reading The Pro Book and applying many principals learned. Bob Henning knows what he is talking about.


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The Pro Book

Bob's book & DVDs are great The Pro Book helps you reach some higher plateaus in your Practice Regime. The books define the task, & the Video further's the information, for performing & your committed practice makes you the better for it.