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  • do you have the Predator 314-2 shaft with the Schon joint? black collar with the single silver ring in 12.75 diameter, length 29" .

    if so, how much?
    Kevin Lyons
    Hey saw your message in the topic I made, how much would either one of those cost me to get from you? and is it possible to get either one with a smaller diameter then the standard 12.75mm those had I think.
    Hey Cory..looking for a sneaky with a Tiger Pro, radial shaft & Oxy tip...let me know...Flats
    Hey Corey, any good deals on a Tiger IceBreaker jump/break cue? Thinking about trying one and whats your thoughts on them.. Let me know, thanks..
    Corey, a few weeks ago I bought a sneaky pete from you that had a Tiger Ultra X LD shaft. I have been using the shaft on a Players Cue butt and like the combination. It was a flat faced shaft, 5/16 by 18 pin and had no collar. What would you charge me for another shaft just like the one that came on the sneaky? I just want the shaft, not the sneaky butt.

    What can you get me a Tiger Ultra shaft 3/8x 10? It's for the same Carolina Custom I ordered a few months ago. I'm having trouble adjusting to the 11.75 shaft. I can't get my english control down and am miscuing a good bit with this Xpro. I played with the Ultra for awhile and loved it.


    **email me at
    hay man why'd you guys at tiger do away with the TCP1? i saw one a couple months ago and i was really impressed with it. the wood grain and the wrap were sick!
    Hey Corey, thanks for the rep but that wasn't necessary. I just figured you like to see some positive feed back on what I think is a well thought out product (Corona leather bridge). I also appreciate that Tiger does it's share to support players and tournaments. :thumbup2:
    sorry about the PM's, I just cant deal with them. So email me anytime :) , hope your good. I'm back in Vegas-it aint worth a fvck here, I am selling everything
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