The rarest of the rarest, a group of Jerry era South West brand new unchalked!!


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Very nice of you to share the collection, usually collections like that are very well kept private.

Thanks for sharing.



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Matty, I WILL have to have that SWC cue someday.. Don't forget about me when after looking at it so much your vision gets too fuzzy to enjoy :D


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The ebony and tulipwood may be my favorite fancy SW ever. love the contrasting colors.



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Thanks for bumping this Matty, I missed it
the 1st time. I love every single one and it
goes without typing(saying) which one is
my favorite.

Super cues!!!


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It would be interesting to know the delta of what he paid verses their value today.

I have a friend in Kentucky that is good friends with Alvin (?), at the Southwest shop.

He has tons of old Southwest cues, and I think he said he was ordering (2) a year for years, and never paid more $400 for any of them. Apparently he and Laurie got into it some and he hasn't got any cue from them for years.

This old guy has probably the last Gus Szamboti cue made, he has the box and all the paperwork, and it is postmarked a day or so of when Gus passed.