The Wonderful World Of Billiards , Snooker , Pool etc !


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A new thread .

Created by the havoc and chaos the Corona Virus has created worldwide .

So many people will fall ill it won't be true .

So many Billiard Halls will fold it won't be true .

So many people will have to put their cues aside it won't be true .

So many Billiards players will lose touch with each other it really wont be true .

Your local Billiard Hall may fold and that makes me so sad .

No interaction , all I ask is for you to take care of family , relatives and friends where ever and whenever possible as the Corona Virus could last longer than we are being told .

Let's start at the beginnings of Snooker and by all means feel free to post your personal favourites !

20-Time World Snooker Champion Joe Davis Does An exhibition Match : Davis snooker


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Shane van boening best shots

Top 25 Greatest Pool Shots By Shane Van Boening amazing :

Shane van Boening in my honest opinion is an absolute wizard of a genius player , the type of player who wants to makke you pick up a cue and play the game .

I was searching for the Shane van Boening two rest jump shot but can't find it but sitting back that time here in Scotland thinking right lets see it Shane and he done it and what a shot that was ! :eek::wink::cool:


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The things you do to pass the time.....

Had not seen this before, thanks for the link:wink:

I thought it was a great documentary of Stephen 'The King' Hendry , yeah , like a stroll down memory lane watching him in action on the large TV screen in the Lucky Break Snooker club in Clydebank or in the betting shops checking the prices on Hendry to win the World's but cant bet him at those short odds so just sit back and watch him in action . :wink::D:thumbup:


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‎Chris Santana‎ to POOL IS NOT DEAD!

This is why Jeremy Jones is the best commentator in the game today, hands down:
Insightful knowledge of technique, strategy, and why players miss
Gives advice on "proper" techniques and pattern play
Is constantly describing what is on-screen, not off-screen
Speaks minimally about peripheral goings-on in the industry and focuses on the match
Compliments great shots and great runouts, not so much the great commentary or event
Is highly professional and engaging
Other streamers and commentators should note how he does this because I see great streams with room for improvement on professionalism. Pull back on tooting your own horns and focus on the table - it's the biggest pet peeve of spectators, especially those that are just learning.