They say no good deed goes unpunished

Sloppy Pockets

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Well, they be wrong. In fact, sometimes good deeds are actually rewarded.

While sitting in our room at the Red Roof Inn in Edison, I was looking at AZB and saw that JAM was asking for folks to try to get group selfies from participants. Ellen Degeneres did this at the Oscars, and it was such a hit that the photo crashed the Twitter server.

I decided to help her out and go around asking different pros to get a shot of themselves at their sponsors booths along with whoever was there that wanted to be in the photo.

The first place I stopped was at the Q-Pod booth, because I saw Thorsten Hohmann and Ralph Eckert were both hanging around there. They graciously took several hilarious selfies (see and I was off to a good start.

As we were leaving, the head guy at the booth asked us if were interested in being part of a Q-Pod giveaway. We filled out the forms and were both given Q-Pod neck badges. We were told to wear them between 6 and 7PM, at which time Thorsten, Ralph, and Jennifer Barretta (another sponsored player) were going to run around looking for random folks wearing the badges and bring them to the Q-Pod booth for photos of them and their brand new Q-Pods.

Well, during the course of the day we had several encounters with both Ralph and Thorsten, and I winked at Toastie and asked him if he was going to pick us. He quipped back, "I can pick whoever I want. And I can be bought cheaply, maybe for a cup of coffee and a donut." It was all in good fun, but I started to think that maybe he might get the wrong impression so I dropped the subject.

Around 4PM I was feeling a little burned out and decided to go out for dinner. My wife said, "As long as we get back by 5. I've been noticing that very few people are wearing these neck badges." So, knowing how much ladies love bling - even pool bling - I agreed. I thought we should separate, though, to increase our chances of being seen.

So 6PM passed, and I deliberately tried to stay away from the Q-Pod booth so as not to look like we were trying to be seen on purpose. Then 6:30 went by. Then 7PM. I figured we had missed getting snagged by any of them, so I went about looking at exotic wood at one of the vendor booths. Finally I decided to text my wife and see where she was, and just as I hit the send button, she walked up to me wearing a big grin. And holding out a Q-Pod box in her hand.

Apparently she was just standing there and Jennifer came up to her and said, "Is that a Q-Pod badge around your neck? Come with me."

So it was all legit. No favoritism involved because we hadn't even seen Jennifer yet, so she had no idea who my wife even was.

If I just thought of myself, I never would have bothered to go up to the Q-Pod booth in the first place. By doing a good deed and trying to help JAM out, I happened to be there to get the badges in the first place.

When I changed my plans and went back again on Sunday to try to get a few more pics for JAM, I was rewarded again. When I was leaving, I stopped by the Q-Pod booth one more time to say goodbye and there on the counter was a magnetic clip to keep the chalk holder on your belt for easy access. It matched the Q-Pod they gave us perfectly, so I bought it for her.

So, it's not called "good deed doing", it's called "paying it forward". I think I'll try it more often.


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Adam Brown

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That's a great story and great pics you got. From the looks of them you had a great time.


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Those were the best pool selfies ever, Sloppy Pockets. It is members like you that make this forum fun to be a part of. No pool politics, just pure joy.

These two were my favorites, the Germans and the Mezz peeps. Look at Oscar. Nobody up front knew Oscar was making that face. :D

You are truly an asset to this forum. Thanks again! :smile:


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