Things That Make You Go Hmm !


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2008 Maplins UK Snooker Championships :

Stephen Maguire 9 v 3 Jamie Burnett .

This match was under investigation as the Bookies said there was irregular betting patterns on the match result scoreline and they called in the cops !

News related articles,

Heres a you tube clip of the black that Jamie Burnett missed to make the score Maguire 8 v 4 Burnett.

The Bookies never like to pay out and as the snooker commentators would say Jamies missed pot on the black was a bad miss,makes you wonder Hmm !

Have fun all but what do you think? :)

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Too hard to tell, it wasn't an easy pot especially under pressure. I'd like to see how he got to that position. If he was cheating perhaps he played position for a tough pot to make it look reasonable.

But at the end of the day, we've seen the best miss straight in shots on the pink before. Anything can happen.


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I see four things that can happen on this shot.

You can make it.
You can miss it thick and often not leave it.
You can hang it.
Or you can over-cut it, ensuring a hanger for your opponent.

I'm with Church on this one...hmmmm


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I remember after the match his explanation as to why he missed that black by so far was that it was the most pressure he'd ever felt in his life, as he knew about the suspisciously high number of bets on a 9-3 scoreline. I'm not sure but I'd like to think they were innocent.


Who is this ronnie sullivan geezer?

Well maybe it's a saft question today but it wont be if he keeps this lark up.

He's an oddball, doubt he even knows himself what he needs to be motivated to play.


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Joe Jogia Suspended

A special investigation conducted by detective Frank Drebin,Captain Ed Hocken.Undercover work by Sgt, Stedenko ;

Be warned,be afraid.Don't try any funny stuff around the snooker table or detective Frank Drebin,Captain Ed Hocken and Sgt Stedenko will be calling.:thumbup:


always going to be a few fiddles in ANY sporting game that you bet on ...boxing snooker tennis whatever.

Some get punished more than others - some get caught - some do not.

Best to avoid temptation and trust no-one but if they really want to stamp out this in the game then increasing the money at the lower end would help. Many of the top 100 golfers are millionaires while anyone out of the top 16 in snooker struggle to survive.

Do not think they ever will stamp it out completely and if you are brought up hustling in a pool snooker hall it is part and parcel of the life surely....what do they expect?