this gave me a laugh


Boyd Porter-Reynolds
Silver Member
I was sweating a nineball match-up last night and saw something that amused me very much.
F..., I guy I know to be hotheaded and not completely trustworthy, hung the eight and was so upset by it that he slapped the cueball with his stick as the ball rolled down the table. Because of this, the cueball hit the nine and pushed it to a rail. His opponent, A..., said that F... had conceded the game by what he did. F... contended that this was merely a foul and should result in BIH. While they argued F... picked up both the cueball and the nineball to demonstrate that A... had BIH and could replace the nine to its original location. A... finally accepted this idea and put the nine right in front of the hole in a much easier spot than the one it started in. He took BIH and ran the two balls to win the game and the set. These two guys out-shadying each other really tickled me.