Tiger Amateur Results


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Tourney resulst: 98 players in the main event
1st- 950 Daniel McKinney
2nd- 630 David Parker
3rd- 370 Mike Singleton
4th- 230 Kenny Price
5/6th- 150 Jason Bacon,Rodney Stewart
7/8th- 110 Blaine Barcus,Manuel Ayala
9/12th- 90 David Neumann,Moses Herrera,Noel Morin,Victor Rojas
13/16th- 75
17/24th- 40

1st- 3,280
2nd- 2,150
3rd- 1,440
4th- 820
5/6th- 510
7/8th- 360
9/12th- 205

2nd Chance Event:24 players
1st- 270 Ming Ng
2nd- 170 Jim Walker
3rd- 110 Dalton Riley
4th- 60 Jon Armstrong
5/6th- 30 Joey Bougeois Jr,John Day


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Wow Brent!

Your tour is something to recon with. You consistantly have 80 or 90 plus every event. I know first hand you run a first class event. You know how to keep it moving my man! Continued success my friend. I hope to make another event or two. I just came off a 5 month lay off and im not hitting them real well at the moment. I do look forward to making a few more of you events though.

Frank C


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I am the only Scooter that plays pool around here. I started very young and 30 now.

You are the guy who I thought you were. I started when I was 17 and you were around 14 when I played you at bogies. Think you were with your Dad or Grandfather. I know Manny talked about you as well. My real name is Justin.