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Has anyone ever posted their opinions on the best combinations of which tips work better with which ferrules ? Just looking for cuemaker experiences and expertise. cribbeecues


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Are you looking for bond or for playability? I don't really think it matters as far as the bond. Proper prep and technique will ensure a good bond.

Playability is subjective and opinions are like a-holes.... :grin:

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I think you are gonna have to figure this one out on your own, bud. Nothing is better than first hand experience, and you won't learn it without doing. It doesn't really matter what anyone else says concerning this topic, and you will see what I mean.

I personally like kamui blacks of any hardness except SS and ivory or micarta ferrules as I believe these are the best possible combos period, just because I like the way they hit, and I can't really tell you why, but you may or may not agree, and the same goes for any of the countless customers that walk through your doors..... and that's especially going to depend on what taper is used and whether or not you have a wood-to-wood or a stainless steel joint on your cue, then you will might really be befuddled.

Prather has some good stuff called LB white and it is by far the best among the cheaper materials that I have worked with. Kamui Black Medium on this one.

Joey has good ferrules and they play firm too. It's a creation of the late Kerry Zeiler and they're called Ivor-X. Probably played best with a Kamui Black Soft in my book, but if you have a 30" shaft with a whippy taper, you might try a Kamui Brown.

Juma is also a good material with lots of action and I think you can get best results with a Kamui Black Hard, but that depends on whether you can handle the spin it generates. :rolleyes:

There are some out there who aren't using any ferrules with just a tip or a tip pad and a tip and I personally don't like this hit at all, but when all of the above fails, try shaping the wood like a tip, applying a tip pik and see what happens..... :wink:

You see, it's like asking what kind of ice cream tastes better and in what type of cone......

Good Luck