Tired of hearing how straight pool is the best game

you couldn't run 5 on an open 9 ball rack and you think everyone's running 100s like snapping your fingers , think about that for a second, wait that's not your strong point
That run was faster than Luc Salvas, the fastest player in the world. What's your claim to fame?

(that 6 ball should have dropped being as it was pocket speed.)


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I grew up playing straight pool in the early '60's it was the game of choice in the New Jersey area and we had many great and real good players.
Straight pool teaches everything you need to know to play all games.
Patterns (good for all games)
Close tight position
Caroms (when in desperate situations)
Bumping balls for break shots
Opening up clusters
Safety play (real important)
And probably more I cant think of.
And I learned how to keep score on a set of beads in the room I played,we had Anniversary tables that had no built in scorekeepers.
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I grew-up in NJ in the 50's & 60's first came to the game in the summer of 61.



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(that 6 ball should have dropped being as it was pocket speed.)
Yeah, I've never lost a game except when the balls didn't drop when they were supposed to.

14.1 is a lot harder than it looks. It's easier to run a rack of 9 ball than to make the break ball, spread the rack and get on the next break ball. Plenty of times I've looked at the table with a dozen eligible balls, and six eligible pockets and had nothing to shoot at, or if I did, no way to get position on another ball. There are very few people who can ever run 100, let alone regularly.