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Tony Zinzola 4 Point Ebony monster
4 Tall ebony Points
Veneers of Blue, Natural, Blue, Natural
8 Ivory and silver dots in each ring
8 silver dogbone inlays in each ring
Leather wrap
Piloted Brass Radial Pin
4 Picture frame boxes in the Buttsleeve W/ Ivory and silver dots at each corner
Ivory Buttcap

Butt 15.8
Shaft 1 13mm 3.8 IV
Shaft 2 13mm 4.0 Non IV

This cue has it all
Loads of work, lots of inlays.
Needs a cleaning and polishing but overall this cue is a stone cold player

Very, Very minor roll up by the joint
Shafts are straight

Marked Zinzola # 61 1 of 1 2009

Asking $2500.00

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