Tooled It's George case


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I have one of the It's George cases from when Roberts did a limited run of them in 2015 that Omega was selling. It's still my favorite case and never leaves the house for fear that it gets swiped at the pool room.


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Not a rumor I saw one in Arlington Texas Rustys. Had dragons tooled on it. Bigger Mexican guy who got cancer and passed. Can't remember his name but that case was awesome. He had it made.
Black in color and tooled all over.

Guy probably passed around 2006.
Was it Fat Ralph ?


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No I believe the great Ralph Cortez is still with us. Diabetes has really done a job on him.

Augie was the guy. I don't believe you were around the dfw before he passed.
I’ve been in the DFW since 1979 lol 😂….. Sorry to hear that about Ralph , we butted heads when we first met but then became friends. Didn’t know Angie …..
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Heres three tooled cases. The one on the left says Brunswick Billiards By George.
The other two say It’s George.
One time when Bill Schick was visiting our home I remember he said
he came up with “It’s George”, slang loosely meaning approval or it is finished.
I don’t know at all if Bill was accurate when he said that,
but I clearly remember him telling me and two others.

Will Prout
I have one like the one in the center.
It's George Joss with cue 1.jpg