Top end Segen -- Trade for Ignite 12.2 Wavy

Cory in DC

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I had ordered the S-10 but after some delays, Evan sent me a fancier cue at no additional cost. But I don't know the model name or number.

Weight is 19.25, wrap is leather, shafts are straight and un-dinged. One shaft has seen regular play and the other has probably hit a dozen racks or so.

I haven't had any takers at a reasonable price, but if anyone wants a great deal on this cue then I'll just trade it for a Mezz Ignite 12.2 with the Wavy joint.

Pics here: (I couldn't get good quality pictures to upload to AZB correctly, so click the link for pics.)

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that is really a fancy cue
evan clark made these,if i am not wrong
so you have a very nice cue