Trolling collector cue casas prices not set about 70 nice ones and 39 or 40 cheap one


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I don't know as yet how I will manage listing these. I 'll have to get some help (I've had health issues) but I thought I would photograph them with my iPhone so you can view them and get really close. I'll stack them, number the cue with "yellow Sticky notes, type up a description for you to see and post it all to my business web site. I have an alcohol and drug counseling business w/a web site and also a facebook personal and a business factebook site but I dislike facebook. So I'll have to decide all those details,
I have
2 original J Flowers cases. Like new. `1-2x4 , & 1-x 1x2
Jack Justis 2x4 old new
1 Jack Justis light weigtht like new
3 Witten 2x4 very nice almost new
1 Whitten 3x6
Whitten 1x2 2 or 3 at least
Several Mr. George 2x4's and 1x2's, 3,6's
Several collector 1x2 cases (names escape me
3 or 4 collector hard style Instroke and or the newer style by JBarton.
Several soft cases in which I would tubes & make my own 2,5 or 1x6 or whatever arrangement I wanted. & still be able to carry "stuff" as well.Lots of fun creating my own style cue case.

I have not looked on any cue or case web sites for several years so I'm not aware what is out there and I don't want to set prices on this stuff or on the collector cues I have or on the 9" Diamond table that is in perfect condition. Matching 6 - 8 ft bulbs light, custom made by experts with brand new cloth (Simonis of course and all set up by Glenn), two or 3 sets of Centennial balls with carrying cases. a couple of ball washers 1 very nice off the pool hall counter, one of those heavy duty tip installition kits (expensive when new)

As far as I can find out I also have the world's collection of Sailor cues, about 24 pf the. including a few VERY nice Sailor cues.

As you can see I'm very much a novice so I would not mind some coaching as this goes along.