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  • Oh, my gosh, Jim, the big seven-oh. Hope you surround yourself today with family, friends, and loved ones. Sweet blessings are coming your way!
    Hi: Many thanks, don't know how you 'bump the thread" but I'll take it...there is still a need for a billiards yearbook..hope someone buys this pool hall soon..it should be open.
    Thanks, Carl Hungness
    Mr. Sward,

    I owe you a email, I read the long one you sent me. I appologise for not replying yet, were ramping up a new biz and I took a few days off email. I hope all is good for you and your family.

    my very best,

    Thanks for the commonsensical words. You are so right, as always.

    My heart is heavy, and I am frightened. I need to fill it with joy and happiness. There's too much negativity on this forum today for me. It's hard to dodge the bullets.

    I wish you nothing by happiness, good health, and good times, Jim! You're a great asset to this forum and one of the good guys! :)
    Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. Mark is one of my hero and I could be so fortunate if I can learn to give back to the sport 1/10th the amount he has done. I will try:)

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