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  • Oh, my gosh, Jim, the big seven-oh. Hope you surround yourself today with family, friends, and loved ones. Sweet blessings are coming your way!
    Happy Birthday to you, Jim. Wishing you love, good health, and peace of mind.

    Hi: Many thanks, don't know how you 'bump the thread" but I'll take it...there is still a need for a billiards yearbook..hope someone buys this pool hall soon..it should be open.
    Thanks, Carl Hungness
    Mr. Sward,

    I owe you a email, I read the long one you sent me. I appologise for not replying yet, were ramping up a new biz and I took a few days off email. I hope all is good for you and your family.

    my very best,

    Thanks for the commonsensical words. You are so right, as always.

    My heart is heavy, and I am frightened. I need to fill it with joy and happiness. There's too much negativity on this forum today for me. It's hard to dodge the bullets.

    I wish you nothing by happiness, good health, and good times, Jim! You're a great asset to this forum and one of the good guys! :)
    Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. Mark is one of my hero and I could be so fortunate if I can learn to give back to the sport 1/10th the amount he has done. I will try:)

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