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U.S. Open 9 Ball Sponsorship Opportunities

Now that we have finalized entry fees and more, here are our sponsorship proposals.


Accustats Video Productions produces the televised portion of the U.S. Open in which I, Barry Behrman, am allowed to obtain title sponsorship, arena sponsorship, arena panel sponsorship (2”x3”), etc. Title sponsorship means, Welcome to “your company’s name” 2014 U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships as well as signage in the arena, numerous mentions per hour shows on live pay per view as well as tape delayed matches on ESPN Star & other networks. You will receive opening & closing billboards which, again, means the U.S. Open is brought to you by or has been brought to you by “your company” within the billiard industry or otherwise. I’ve decided this year to offer this to the highest bidder which can be submitted through email at qmasters5612@gmail.com.

The TV table arena is located at center court, diagram shown on www.usopen9ballchampions.com; which means, welcome to the “your company’s name” arena which includes signage & some of your decorations. This is also obtainable to the highest bidder, submit bids at the e-mail listed above. Of course, as above, numerous mentions per hour show on live pay per view as well as tape delayed matches on ESPN Star & other networks.

*With both of the above opportunities, you will be able to wheel & deal with Barry to satisfy you immensely. In other words, he will be most agreeable & appreciative.


Comes in two sizes, 8 foot in length is only $500.00 & 16 foot in length is only $800.00. No additional monies, no program book this year. Limited to 20 spaces, we like to mix it up so we suggest you e-mail us right away as we’re 70 days away. Even those of you who have been coming for many years please let us know you’ll be back. We will be having an amateur event on 7 foot bar tables at the Marriott & at Q-Master Billiards. Of the 180 VIP seats we only have approximately 60 left. Remember, this is a W.P.A. Tier II sanctioned event so top players will be coming & we’re holding 64 (plus a few more) for the world’s greatest players as well as qualifiers from billiard rooms around the world. We appreciate the qualifiers who have supported the event thus far & looking forward to hearing from more billiard rooms in America as well as overseas. Again, a reminder, the entry fee is $750.00 not $1,000.00 or $800.00. Also, it’s a day less this year at 6 days. I had to ask myself, why take a chance with the $1,000.00 entry to fill at 128 is why I decided $750.00 is the right number & adding $74,000.00 to that comes to $170,000.00 paying through 48 places.


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So the entry fee is now $750.00 ???

If I'm reading this right, I guess a press release is in order.
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