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  • That's twice you've given me a red rep now, once over me saying BB was going to pull his same shit again at the next US Open 9 ball, a year in advance, and guess what, I was right. Now you give me a red rep over this hotel kick back thread....tell me where I was out of line little boy!!!
    Wishing you a joyful day, today and every day! :)

    Yup. I already found Ray's page we were talking about you, only nice things. We are staying in Humacao at Las Palmas. We hope to visit bars all the way down to Rincon. Hopefully we can meet up with you.
    I live in the southwest (Sabana Grande) about a 2 hrs drive to San Juan.....I could hook you up with Ray Yordan who lives in Santurce or you could search for us at Facebook. Ray has several 8 ball tournaments during the week, either at Hato Rey, Rio Piedras or Caguas. Best 8 ballers around. They (the 8 ballers) are also good 9 ballers, so don't be fooled. Hope you have a great stay in PR.
    Hola Yo soy de Hato Rey PR. I'm planning on shooting lots of pool for a week! I'd love to meet up!
    Dear friend!
    Please go here http://wh.gov/5Jmn to sign a petition to the White House, calling for them to investigate and condemn forced organ harvesting in China. Although the 25,000 signatures have been reached, but some signatures on the petition may come from CCP agents. We just have 3 days more, so your sign is extremely important for us right now.
    Thank you very much!

    Video The Messenger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUt3A55e_pA
    Originally Posted by cueforever View Post
    Hi cuehunters from oversea,

    I need a little bit space in my new built house and will try to sell a few cues. All prices are negotiable, please ask if you need information.

    Due to my last move, not all cues are already available here, so give me a little bit time if you need specs or more pictures.

    here is the link to all the cues. You can choose each cue with a lot of pictures and specs:


    All prices are without shipping and Paypal fees, so add about 80 to 100 USD for shipping and 3% for Paypal fees. I prefer a wire transfer, did it a lot of times worldwide. It is the cheapest if you look to the EUR/USD exchange rate.

    Steve Urate 169

    Is this price correct?

    Yes it is
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