US Open Brackets are up.


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Tim is not famous for his pool skills. He is more famous (or infamous) for 2 things :ROFLMAO::
(a) his crazy happy grin/laugh when his opponent makes errors
(b) as the smart aleck commentator on Predator 10 Ball events who is super "harsh" in his critique of shots by top players many ranked higher than him in his commentaries. Some top player will do critical commentary of his matches soon and he will get his dues.:LOL:
That's Tim? That guy drives me nuts - never seen a shot he liked. Gets pretty snippy with other commentators too.


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Can you clarify this?
i think JV, who i assume is the canadian in the bracket (?), expects to beat ko pretty handily
Yep.... I wouldn't say "handily", but I am trying to stay
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🤣 well i will root for a fellow azb:er
Thinking of starting my own fan club. You can be president :)